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Spiritual Retreat Offering

The Kelley Institute of Integrative Therapy offers a short (2 hour) presentation at churches. Our experience will be centered in learning something new, helpful, perhaps even life-changing about moving through and beyond wounds of the spirit. Each of us can carry around energies that limit our effectiveness, our joyfulness, our ability to offer our gifts and talents to our World in a meaningful way. We will discuss and more importantly EXPERIENCE new ways of applying carefully studied and scientifically proven psychotherapeutic techniques that are blended with ancient, time-proven ways of understanding the workings of our bodies, minds, spirits and emotions. This blend – this integration – results in a remarkable set of tools to help get more real peace of mind, more joy, more of what we want out of life.

Who is Kathryn Kelley, the founder of the Kelley Institute?

  • She is a nationally certified counselor, in private practice in Helena, Montana
  • who is also certified in EMDR (the most scientifically studied therapy technique available today)
  • In addition she is a certified spiritual director with the Benedictine Order, which has been doing spiritual direction for 1,500 years.
  • Kathryn is a certified Black Belt Nia instructor, integrating body/mind/spirit in movement.
  • And Kathryn teaches the protocol she has developed for this new application to other health care professionals.

It is our goal to creating real, positive, and lasting results for those wishing to move beyond their stuck places, unhealthy thoughts and troubling emotions without expensive and time consuming one-on-one psychotherapy or psychotropic drugs. This is not a "silver bullet" but a tool to use in moving forward in joy. Kathryn will give you more information about, and a sample of the experience contained in, what are revolutionary new life-aids. She's taken the proven principles of EMDR, combined them with wonderfully relaxing guided meditations, and incorporated the language of the chakra energy system of the body to help heal unhealthy habits. This has resulted in the first three finished programs in a series we're calling, "Healing the Habits of the Mind." This series, so far, consists of three separate audio programs – one for dealing with creating healthy behavior towards food, another dealing with problem levels of anxiety, and one dealing with enhancing self-esteem.

The many comments we have received from those who have experienced Kathryn's work are that she presents an interesting, fun, relaxing and life-giving opportunity to heal. More information is available at Feel free to contact Kathryn directly at: (406) 461-5412 or email:

Top Testimonials
"She was great. Very inspirational to the power of God. Enjoyed the flow – thought it was professionally done and yet very free. I knew it would be nice – had no idea it would be this good. Thanks!"
"Enjoyed the weekend tremendously. Hope she will come back anytime. The sessions were very thought provoking and event went by so fast. Another mountaintop experience. I want to read some of the books suggested. Thank you, thank you"
"She is truly a light and an example and a delight! I learned about reading into myself to find my energy and my own spirit"

Healing the habits of the mind

Overcoming Anxiety

" This is a very beneficial tool. I noticed subtle results right away – a general sense of encouragement and hopefulness that these issues truly CAN be successfully overcome".
Healing the habits of the mind

Enhancing your Self-Esteem

" I love this! I feel better and am already standing taller in my body and relating to others with new confidence! I am very grateful for this CD."
Healing the habits of the mind

Healing your relationship with food

" The instructions were very clear… Kathryn's voice was soft and comfortable, the music and sound was very appropriate and added a great ambiance to the CD."